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Re: OpenJDK 8 transition

Le 03/09/2015 00:39, Matthias Klose a écrit :

> I disagree. Please revert mips/mipsel back to gcj, or fix the mips/mipsel builds
> for openjdk-8 (and for openjdk-9).  The other alternative would be not to build
> the packages for mips/mipsel and file RC issues for packages building
> binary-arch packages and unconditionally build-depending on default-jdk.

Hi Matthias,

I switched only the architectures supported by openjdk-8, the others
were left as is [1]. So alpha, lpia, mips, mipsel, mips64el and sh4
still default to openjdk-7 for now. Should we switch them back to gcj
now or wait until openjdk-7 is removed?

Emmanuel Bourg


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