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Re: (Hardware?) problem with denormal values on mipsel

On Wed, 27 May 2015, Ole Streicher wrote:

> It is something specific what gfortran produces (and not gcc), and it is not
> just a missing emulation (since normalized numbers work); it may be an
> incomplete emulation.

 If you suspect a bug in emulation, then please try narrowing it down to 
the machine instruction that produces the wrong result, you might be able 
to track it down in your Fortran program by single-stepping the program in 
GDB.  Then post the instruction including the encoding (`disassemble /r' 
issued in GDB will include it in output), the inputs, preferably as hex 
patterns, and the output produced (or action taken if e.g. a signal is 
raised instead) that you think is incorrect.



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