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Re: mips and mipsel qualification for Wheezy

* Andreas Barth (aba@ayous.org) [120518 23:47]:
> Independend of that, we should replace the porterbox with the more
> stable version of the same hardware soon, even if only for stability.
> As said, that specific replacement box is currently being tested if it
> really runs stable. If it does, we'll arrange with DSA for hosting
> soon.

After some discussions with DSA, we would tend to not resurrect the
current porter box but instead take the time it takes to get the new
box finally tested, shipped, installed (I assume a few weeks if we
don't urgent all people involved - shipping hardware and installing in
racks just takes it time). Please say if this is considered as
problematic from a release point of view (provided that we still have
the mipsel box during that time), as then we (or rather: DSA) would
have the additional effort of re-installing the current box on a new
hard disc for this short time span.


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