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Re: mips and mipsel qualification for Wheezy

* Mehdi Dogguy (mehdi@dogguy.org) [120518 23:31]:
> On 18/05/12 22:31, Andreas Barth wrote:
>> mips porterbox: We currently have gabrielli, but as noted above it
>> sometimes isn't as stable as it should.
> fwiw, weasel mentioned that gabrielli has currently disk issues too.

Sounds like a recent issue to me - of course, hard disk issues can
happen with any arch, and should be possible to fix the same way as

Independend of that, we should replace the porterbox with the more
stable version of the same hardware soon, even if only for stability.
As said, that specific replacement box is currently being tested if it
really runs stable. If it does, we'll arrange with DSA for hosting


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