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Re: Cobalt Qube 2

I have actually resolved this issue now. I don't know what was causing the problem but it seemed the built in firmware was not 'net-booting' or something about the configuration steps in Michael's guide are not correct for the stock firmware.

I have moved the drive from my working Qube2 into the non-working one and flashed the latest CoLo 1.22 onto the actual device. 

They now both work like a charm. Thanks everyone for their help. If anyone has an idea about the cause or wants me to try something else so we can make sure the guide is up to date for stock firmware, I still have a copy of the on-board firmware and the original drive that was in the Qube. 

I am more than willing to pop them back in and test any suggestions. My recomdendation is to blow the built in firmware away as quickly as possible (I was lucky I guess to have a working disk I could use to do this).


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