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Re: Maybe a Problem with "tip22"

I don't know whether the "kernel" and "initrd" were released separately. But I could extract them from the bad "netboot-boot.img" using "objdump" and "dd" by just looking for the symbols "__kernel_start", "__kernel_end" and "__rd_start", "__rd_end". I actually modified "ld.script.IP22" by putting "0x89702000" in the start address and built myself a netboot image using the extracted "kernel" and "initrd". I got to the installer screen but I don't need to reinstall right now. :)

Guido Günther wrote:
On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 02:22:17AM -0700, Edwin Kwan wrote:

	The screen shot in Attilio's bug report was done by me on my Indy.
I am not experienced in this beginning of the universe kind of code.
But I found the following clues which may be useful.
I can reproduce the problem here now. A the same kernel+initrd that
works with 0.3.12 doesn't with 0.3.13 (unlucky number it seems). I try
come up with a patch during the next couple of days.

BTW can I directlry fetch the initrd and kernel that was used to build:


I thought these used to be on the mirrors but can't seem to find them.
 -- Guido

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