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Debian 6.0 installation on SGI O2

Hi all!

I'm Manuel Molina. I'm trying to install Debian 6.0 on a MIPS R5000 SGI
O2, with 384 MBytes of RAM and two hard drives.

I already have the DHCP and TFTP configuration stages done.
I used the following image for TFTP:

I reach the point of booting, but when it loads the kernel, after
several lines, it seems to hang (if you press NUMLOCK or try to move the
mouse, nothing happens)

The last lines:

tip32: IP32 Liux tftpboot loader 0.3.13
Loading program segment 1 at 0x80004000, size = 0x0 515bc0
Zeroing memory at 0x80519bc0, size = 0x8b680
Kernel entry point is 0x800098e0
Copying initrd from 0x88eb3c80 to 0x805a6000 (0x33aa48 bytes)...
Initrd copied.
Starting kernel...

Any idea ?


Manuel Molina

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