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Re: OpenJDK / default JDK for squeeze / issues on mips / open security issues for lenny

On 14.01.2011 20:46, Florian Weimer wrote:
* tony mancill:

As per Section 5.8.5 of the Developer's Reference, I'd like to get
confirmation from the Security Team that they are anticipating and
approve of the upload of the new source version.  (My apologies if this
has already been covered; I joined the thread already in progress.)

Would you please show us the debdiff to the version in squeeze, and
the list of dependencies of the .deb file?  Alternatively, please put
the files on people.debian.org, so that we can have a look at them
before the upload.  Thanks for your support in this matter.

get the files from testing/unstable && touch debian/control.in && debian/rules debian/control

Do you plane to switch to IcedTea 1.9 or a later version during the
squeeze release?

I will not do this myself, altough I would welcome this. Apparently Debian does allow these kind of update for the sun-java6 packages, so I would expect the same thing for openjdk-6. If somebody wants to go this track, some comments:

 - 1.9 doesn't build on alpha and armel.  You probably don't care about
   alpha, but armel.  armel has it's own optimized interpreter for a
   2x-4x speedup, which doesn't work yet with 1.9.  You could continue
   to use 1.8 for armel and 1.9 for anything else.

 - 1.10 will be release in January, on top of 1.9, it splits out icedtea-web
   currently not in Debian. The good thing is the separation of javaws and
   the plugin from the rest of openjdk-6.  The issues which are a bit more
   fragile are the update-java-alternatives changes required for this split.

As an unrelated question, who commits into doing the openjdk-6 security updates at all for squeeze? The current model didn't work for lenny at all.


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