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Re: "unit boot failed" by installing Debian on Qube2

Unfortunally I had a litle surgery on my knee and was not able to try one of the solutions of Chris or Kenneth. But I will try both, when I'm back.

Thx a lot


Am 25.10.2010 16:04, schrieb Martin Michlmayr:
* Marko Hilse<marko@hilse.li>  [2010-10-20 20:26]:
I successfully installed an DHCP- and NFS-Server on my Ubuntu and
start the net booting on the Qube2. The Qube2 gets The IP from the
DHCP and asked if I want to use terminal or SSH. I don't have an
serial connector on my notebook so that I have to choose SSH. After
the display says "Starting the installer (*SSH*)" I got an "Unit Boot
Failed". I tried also Serial with the same result.

Does anybody have an idea?

Have you tried several times?  CoLo has issues from time to time with
downloading files.

CoLo is the 2nd boot loader we use to load the installer.

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