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Re: Ubiquity Routerstation Pro?

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Nelson <tnelson@fudnet.net> writes:

> debootstrap --foreign --arch=mips lenny /usr/src/mipsdevel/rootfs/SD_1

> But of course, it is of no use until I can get a proper kernel booting
> on the board. The vanilla kernel source from kernel.org does not have
> any options in make menuconfig' for the Atheros CPUs, nor does
> packages.debian.org list any linux-image-*' packages for the MIPS
> architecture other than Malta, SGI, or Broadcom.

> Any thoughts, pointers, or suggestions to get me moving forward? I've
> looked at doing a custom compile of OpenWRT which ships on the unit
> and has support using their make system but until I have more
> experience on this platform, I cannot move my software over to a
> 'micro' environment with busybox, uClibc, etc.

> I just want my 'near vanilla' Debian Lenny on MIPS!

Why not just use the kernel that comes with the OpenWRT image that runs
on the nanostation?  As long as it has FPU emulation compiled in, it
shouldn't be difficult to make it boot the Debian rootfs that you
created using debootstrap.  You would have to touch the bootloader
config (i.e. the kernel command line) to achieve that.

If you can't configure the bootloade, maybe you can replace the
/sbin/init (or /etc/preinit?) in the OpenWRT filesystem with a shell
script that does

exec chroot /path/to/sd/card /bin/init

Make sure you use 'exec' so you inherit the PID of the original init

Of course for full hardware support you should also compile the
/lib/modules directory of the OpenWRT rootfs to the debian rootfs.

For the Qi Nanonote booting Debian on an OpenWRT kernel works.  I also
used similar hacks on other hardware.


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