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Ubiquity Routerstation Pro?

Greetings fellow 'MIPS'ers-

I've just acquired a Ubiquity Routerstation Pro [1] embedded board. It's running an Atheros AR7161 MIPS CPU @ 680MHz, 128MB DDR RAM, mPCI slots, onboard USB, etc.

Has anyone successfully run Debian on this board? I come from the 'ARM world' where I typically populate the rootfs using debootstrap, and compile a kernel using vanilla source from kernel.org and a cross compile toolchain (either from Codesourcery [2] or self build with crosstool [3]).

I've got an SD card bootstrapped using:

debootstrap --foreign --arch=mips lenny /usr/src/mipsdevel/rootfs/SD_1

But of course, it is of no use until I can get a proper kernel booting on the board. The vanilla kernel source from kernel.org does not have any options in 'make menuconfig' for the Atheros CPUs, nor does packages.debian.org list any 'linux-image-*' packages for the MIPS architecture other than Malta, SGI, or Broadcom.

Any thoughts, pointers, or suggestions to get me moving forward? I've looked at doing a custom compile of OpenWRT which ships on the unit and has support using their make system but until I have more experience on this platform, I cannot move my software over to a 'micro' environment with busybox, uClibc, etc.

I just want my 'near vanilla' Debian Lenny on MIPS!

[1] http://www.ubnt.com/wiki/RouterStation_Pro
[2] http://www.codesourcery.com/
[3] http://www.kegel.com/crosstool/


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