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Re: mipsel buildd status update

Andreas Barth dixit:

>The Longsoon-machines can now be used to build unstable, as Matthias Klose
>has backported the relevant binutils-patch with the workaround for the
>silicon level bug, and also gcc was changed to use that workaround by

Did anyone look at this already?
(from http://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=10144)

Otherwise, I could, again, try to backport that to gcc-4.4
and see whether it helps with #519006 (I’ve started with
trying to backport it already, but stopped when I was asked
to not build gcc on gabrielli for now). No guarantees, tho…
I’m not a compiler coder ☺

Support mksh as /bin/sh and RoQA dash NOW!

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