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Re: Yorick FTBFS: DM needs access to MIPS box


Le 3 mai 10 à 04:30, Shane McDonald a écrit :

Hi Thibaut:

On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 3:45 AM, Thibaut Paumard <mlotpot.news@free.fr> wrote:


I have a build failure on mpis (segfault during test suite):

relocate/bin/yorick -batch debian/check.i
 Begin Yorick parser test...
 Test catch function...
make: *** [check] Segmentation fault

Since I am not a DD, I can't access the developer-only porterbox.

Would someone be so kind as to grant me access on his machine or investigate the failure on his own?

Best regards, Thibaut.

I don't know if anyone's been able to get you access to a mips box,
but I've been able to reproduce the problem on my system.
I believe it may be related to the lack of an FPU on the buildd machine. In fact, I have been able to come up with a simple testcase that causes
yorick to fail with a segmentation fault, both on the version in sid
as well as the version currently in etch.

My simple test is to start yorick up interactively, and enter:

 5.0 / 0.0

at the prompt.  On a mips (or mipsel) box without an FPU,
this causes a segmentation fault.  With an FPU, it catches
a SIGFPE and allows me to enter debug mode.

I don't know the configuration of the mips buildd machines,
but I suspect the ones that yorick has been built on in the past
have had FPUs, and the one that it was just built on did not.

Actually the bug here doesn't come from Yorick, do you know whether it belongs to the libc or to the kernel?

Regards, Thibaut.

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