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Re: Loongson updates

Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> writes:

> Hi,


> recently Matthias Klose updated binutils and gcc-4.4 on my request so
> that fix-loongson2f-nop is used by default. As the current unstable
> package of gcc-4.4 is already build with that enabled, I could now
> successfully build binutils (and other packages) in an default debian
> chroot. This is a huge progress!
> However, there are still two issues I'd like to get resolved (speaking
> about a loongson 2f minipc):
> 1. RTC: Even with the most recent kernels from
> http://www.linux-mips.org/git?p=linux-queue.git and
> http://www.linux-mips.org/git?p=linux.git the RTC still cannot be
> accessed within Linux. I get the error that there is no /dev/rtc
> (which is true). Any hints how to fix that? (I have all kernel options
> enabled).

hmm... I've an idea of what the problem is but I need more information
to confirm my hypothesis. Do you know what's providing rtc on your
system ? If it's supposed to be driven by the rtc-cmos driver, can you
boot a kernel with RTC_DEBUG, load the rtc-cmos driver and look for
messages from the rtc kernel stuff ?

> 2. PMON: I have serial access to pmon. However, I don't see the menu
> on the console (but I can input characters, so if I press "c" and then
> "setvga 0", things work for me).
> I have both nokbd and novga set to 1, but this doesn#t make any
> difference. Any hints for me?

I don't remember the details (all the boards I have from ST have
differents PMON version with differents bugs) but it's possible that
it's a build-time option. I think you have better to ask the people who
provided you your board/pmon about that.


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