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Re: Weird process hangs on r5k-ip22

>On Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 22:25 +0200, Siggy Brentrup wrote:

>> ATM the next build is running.  With debian/rules configure not
>> configuring I'm still waiting for configure to finish (as on every run :()
>> before I can see if removing -j 2 helps.

>Current situation:
> ./debian/rules build         completes successfully
>  ./debian/rules binary-arch   afterwards successfully builds .debs

>  ./debian/rules binary-arch   in a fresh tree hangs, most interestingly
                               again running some cc1 going wild.

>More disappointing: recompiling w/o -fPIC didn't help; ssh and friends
>still segfault early w/o any useful info from gdb.


Sorry for late reply.

I was experiencing similar weird process hangs with ssh-keygen on my
R5000 Indy running the stock Lenny kernel (2.6.26).
openssh-server wouldn't install as a result (see bug #562593)

I compiled my own kernel (from vanilla 2.6.28-10 kernel sources) and
configured CPU type as R5000. The problem (at least for ssh-keygen)
seems to have disappeared and my system (otherwise all Lenny)
currently seems stable.

Maybe there's a problem somewhere running a R4x00 kernel on a R5000?


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