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Re: libffi 3.0.9 release candidate 9 - the last one??

On 28.12.2009 01:12, Matthias Klose wrote:
On 26.12.2009 16:35, Anthony Green wrote:

Ok, we're up to release candidate 9, and it's looking pretty good now!



Brad can test avr32-unknown-linux-gnu
Matthias can test s390, mips, mipsel, powerpc64, sparc and others!
Frank can test mips-sgi-irix6.5
Samuli can test sparc64 freebsd
Carlo can test some windows hosts

Other testers welcome. In particular, we have no testing coverage for
HPPA or Alpha Linux. Do you know anybody with access to these things?



mips test results will appear on
the attached patch is still applied for the debian package.


clean test results for the old ABI, 10 test failures each for n32 and mips64. I don't have access to a mips machine.


FAIL: libffi.call/cls_16byte.c -Os execution test
FAIL: libffi.call/cls_18byte.c -Os execution test
FAIL: libffi.call/cls_19byte.c -Os execution test
FAIL: libffi.call/cls_20byte.c -Os execution test
FAIL: libffi.call/cls_20byte1.c -Os execution test
FAIL: libffi.call/cls_8byte.c -Os execution test
FAIL: libffi.call/cls_9byte1.c -Os execution test
FAIL: libffi.call/cls_9byte2.c -Os execution test
FAIL: libffi.call/cls_align_double.c -Os execution test
FAIL: libffi.call/cls_align_float.c -Os execution test
WARNING: program timed out.
FAIL: libffi.call/cls_dbls_struct.c -Os execution test
FAIL: libffi.call/huge_struct.c -Os execution test
FAIL: libffi.call/nested_struct.c -Os execution test
FAIL: libffi.call/nested_struct4.c -Os execution test
FAIL: libffi.call/nested_struct6.c -Os execution test

this might due to a problem with Debian's gcc-4.4 on powerpc and -Os.

this problem is now fixed in Debian unstable.


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