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Why doesn't xfig compile on mips/mipsel?

Maybe someone with much more mips/mipsel know how than me could try to
build the current xfig 3.2.5.a-2 package on mips and/or mipsel?

According to 
it fails while running xmkmf -a / imake.

I cannot reproduce this on mahler.debian.org in the sid chroot, where
I did some tricks to have xutils-dev, which is needed for this.

The previous version 3.2.5.a-1 compiled correct on both architectures,
while I didn't change anything on the build mechanism between these
two versions, so the problem must be introduced by a change in the sid
build environment or the autobuilders on mayr and mayer could have
some kind of problem (which doesn't exist on all other architectures).



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