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Re: MIPS packages seg-faulting on Loongson CPU

On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 12:32:11PM +0200, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Frederic Muller <frederic.muller@dexxon.cn> [2009-04-30 16:30]:
> > I looked at the machine supported and loongson is not listed
> > neither. So  any directions, advice or hints will be definitely
> > welcome to get better  support out of the box.
> The reason the Yeeloong is not supported yet is because support is not
> in the mainline kernel, and we really need mainline kernel support
> before we can add official support for Debian.
> So if you want to see support for the Gdium in Debian, I suggest you
> make sure the platform is supported in the mainline kernel.  Once this
> is done, seeding the Debian community with some Gdium netbooks would
> help to get it supported in the installer.

Au contraire, my Yeeloong Laptop runs perfectly with official Debian
MIPSEL binaries.  However there is a problem that causes system hang
when building specific packages, which can be handled by a quite
aggressive patch.  But I haven't encountered any crashing happens when
running any programs.  Maybe some Gdium specific settings is the cause,
but I don't know.

As the mipsn32el project has just been accepted into Debian GSoC 2009
recently, I wish efforts will result in a more Loongson-CPU-capable arch
for Debian.

Deng Xiyue

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