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Re: MIPS packages seg-faulting on Loongson CPU

* Frederic Muller <frederic.muller@dexxon.cn> [2009-04-30 16:30]:
> I looked at the machine supported and loongson is not listed
> neither. So  any directions, advice or hints will be definitely
> welcome to get better  support out of the box.

The reason the Yeeloong is not supported yet is because support is not
in the mainline kernel, and we really need mainline kernel support
before we can add official support for Debian.

So if you want to see support for the Gdium in Debian, I suggest you
make sure the platform is supported in the mainline kernel.  Once this
is done, seeding the Debian community with some Gdium netbooks would
help to get it supported in the installer.

Martin Michlmayr

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