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Re: GSoC proposal


Yes Shanghai was one of those cities. We're all MIPS users here, so anything about MIPS do interest us. Next time you should follow up with MIPS communities in China such as the Loongsoon club, the Shanghai LUG, the Beijing LUG, china-unix.net just to name a few.

Your mentor was also came to the event.

Hope that will help you to follow up.

ps: you can call me Fred or Mr. Muller, but not Muller. In English family names are last (as opposed to Chinese where you put them first...)

sha liu wrote:

2009/4/13 Frederic Muller <frederic.muller@dexxon.cn <mailto:frederic.muller@dexxon.cn>>

    Dear Sha Liu,

    Please don't fall for the newbie syndrome. People noticed the
    topic and noticed your proposal, talked about it and it happened
    not because of you, but because "people" want it to happen.

    There was a national Loongsoon day today in China, and I hope you
    participated. I did, and thousands of Chinese did over 10 cities.
    Just look around and you'll be surprised about what you can find.

    The world is not just about you....

    Beijing LUG, SFD, OLPH

Hi Muller, I missed the Loongson day today because I've no idea about it. Is shanghai included in these 10 cities? I hoped I would not miss it next time. BTW, I don't think I'm the kind of person who view myself as the centre of the world. I was just happy that one "MIPSer" noticed and replied to my proposal. I'm really happy to see any response to my proposal but I'll never require anyone to do that since that's really egoism. So please feel free to tell me if I break some "code" in the mailing list because I'm really counting on you guys.

Best Regard,
Sha Liu

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