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Re: GSoC proposal

2009/4/12, Deng Xiyue <manphiz-guest@users.alioth.debian.org>:
It's great to know this proposal has been accepted to this year's Debian
GSoC!  As I've also purchased a Loongson 2F 8089B laptop recently, I'd
like to help, though I might not be available all the time due to work.
Looking forward to the progress.

Deng Xiyue
Thanks Deng!
I'm very glad that finally somebody in this mailing list notice this project and very glad that Deng would like to help. However, it's not yet *officially* accepted by Debian.For now Debian gets 10 slots to for this year's GSoC, but number is not final yet since google will make a second round "re-arrangement". And my proposal is one of the 12 in Deibian's shortlist.
There's now a hot dicussion about this shortlist in debian-devel mailing list. It's welcomed to present any ideas on any proposal. And I'll be very very happy that some MIPS guys could stand up there and comment on this proposal.
Best Regard,
Sha Liu

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