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GSoC proposal

Hi everyone,

Three days ago I submit my proposal : Creating a new MIPS N32 ABI port for Debian[1]  to google. It's very hard for me to discuss it here these days since I got to this project 2 days before the deadline. So after some discussion with foka, r0bertz, aurel32 etc and decide to devote myself to this project in and after this summer.

I submitted my proposal in a very harsh way that I was editing it even 3 minutes before the deadline. So many things need to be considered carefully and clarified. I paste the proposal into my blog and modified it a little since I just discussed with r0bertz these days some points in the old one is not right anymore. And before asking many technical questions, I'd like to make some other things to concern :
1. Will this port be qualified to be integrated into Debian's official repository? and
2. will I self-host this project myself in the summer or there are other resources I can use?

Any comment is highly appreciated.

Sha Liu


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