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Re: Lemote eeLoong 8089 mips based notebook stability issues

On Tue, 2009-02-24 at 22:44 +0800, fxzhang wrote:
> Unfortunately it tunes out to be a very tricky hardware issue, we are
> still tracing the real cause and solutions.
> for now,please use 'as' from http://www.lemote.com/upfiles/as to replace
> /usr/bin/as. It seems to be much more stable.

Thanks for your openness on this issue. Let us know of your progress.

FYI I installed debian lenny on the free disk space of my lemote and
observed the same freeze issue, not surprising since it uses the same

I noticed the as you provided has a different version
from the original one:

new: GNU assembler (GNU Binutils)
old: GNU assembler (GNU Binutils for Debian)

Do you know if binutils 2.19.1 is safe to use?

Thanks in advance,


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