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improving yeeloong: some suggestions

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Some suggestions from a user of the #beijinglug irc channel to improve
the Lemote Yeeloong.

<D--> 1. Poor xserver video driver: The Silicon Motion card does not
have 3D support, thus a GL layer is impossible. Since the only other
acceleration layer possible is Xv, we need this to work well. Currently,
Xv frequently comes up with the wrong brightness/contrast settings and
rarely respects the defaults. It also has visible tearing between frames.

<D--> 2. Poor Wifi driver: While the signal strength is excellent, the
connection constantly drops out requiring a restart of network-manager,
or in extreme cases, a restart of the Yeeloong.

<D--> 3. Slow CPU: It's really disappointing when someone sells a system
as being 900MHz but you power it on only to find it is capped at 797MHz.
Don't tell me how high it CAN go. Tell me how high it does go, or
provide me a way to alter the FSB to get it up to 900MHz. That speed is
essential because SDL is NOT using Xv to draw stuff. This makes it
impossible to scale games to full screen without horrifying stuttering.
If we're using an xserver driver with NO acceleration, then we should be
pushing the CPU as much as possible to make up for that failing in
software rendering speed.
<D--> Examples: try running pingus, mednafen with any system scaled 2x,
or a gstreamer or xine player using sdl for output

We, users and owners of Lemote Yeeloong with Debian mipsel really wish
to improve the system.

We thank Lemote for its support and wonderful products and our
suggestions are not critics but only our desire to make the Yeeloong
better and better.


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