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Re: Fwd: [Gnewsense-dev] poor wireless performance and sources.list

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fxzhang@ict.ac.cn ha scritto:
> What is the normal signal strength reported?
> If very low, probably the antenna is not connected correctly(some test
> machine might have such problem), you can try to open the case to check:
> it is in the right part of palm rest; remove the 4 screws in the back,
> then you  can remove the palm-test(don't pull it too far away because the
> touchpad is connected) and find the antenna, it should be connected to the
> 'main' connector, not the 'aux').
> The wifi do have some potential connection bug, but the signal strength is
> basically ok.

I opened up my yeeloong.
The wifi antenna is connected correctly to "main", I can connect to my
wifi network, the signal is good (about 65/70%) but I can't send or
receive packets if I don't near the wifi router.

When the driver will be updated could please make it available on the
lemote debian repositories via apt-get upgrade?

Thank you very much.

Keep us updated.

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