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Gdium OLPH project, which is using a netbook based on loongson

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Hi guys!

I have been involved in the gdium (http://www.gdium.com/en/product)
which is a Chinese loongson CPU(mips compatible) based netbook for the
past 8-10 months. The interesting part of the project is that it goes
beyond just the special hardware (and having both your system and your
files on a USB key): Dexxon the company making the Gdium is also
setting up a foundation which purpose is to manage gdium.com, an
online platform, which purpose is to give access to free educational
content to children so they can access their rights to education. 3%
of all Gdium sales will go to the foundation.

Now as the product is almost ready we want to involved the community
and the developers and we're having a special program called One
Laptop Per Hacker where we're basically giving away the machine with
one extra G-Key (the USB stick) for developers to test and port
applications and other OSes on it. The price in China is RMB 2,400.-
and you can register to the program at
http://www.gdium.com/zh-hans/group/62/home .

Any question please let me know.
 you can reach me in #gdium on freenode.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2009

Thanks a lot.
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