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Re: NasRaQ running Debiam with RAID

* Gerald Waugh <gwaugh@frontstreetnetworks.com> [2008-12-25 08:32]:
> I have a couple of NasRaQ servers.
> They have 128MB RAM, 250MHz CPU and 2 40GB drives strapped to 32GB
> They have a 60 Watt Power Supply, new fan and new CMOS battery.

> I was wondering if anyone has put Debian on the NasRaQ with RAID
> enabled.

I never tried RAID on a Cobalt, but RAID0 won't work for the root
filesystem since we don't use a ramdisk on Cobalt.  It should be fine
for /home though.  RAID1 should work for both / and /home.
Martin Michlmayr

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