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Re: hard disk solutions for indigo2

I stayed with SCSI on my I2, but I'm using the newer SCSI drives with one of the simple passive adaptors. I have seen Irix 6.2 and 6.5.x barf on some drives, but work with others doing this. I've done it with Linux and not had any trouble. Your own mileage may vary. There actually is a reason for that if you dig down in SCSI lore, but I don't remember at the moment what it was from when I ran across it.

I did buy an external "scsi" burner drive for an Irix system that turned out to be an IDE with an ide-scsi board attached to it. This worked flawlessly on Octane, and O2. I haven't tried using a hard disk that way, but seems worth a try from my experience. Hopefully someone here can recommend a specific module for you that has been tried.



On Fri, 8 Aug 2008, Jorge Salamero Sanz wrote:

hi all,

i've been using an indigo2 for testing and building debian packages for while

last month the hard disk broke and has been down since then.

i was looking for a long term hard disk solution (not yet an other old disk
that might break in two months).

maybe an adaptor[0] ? do you think this is the best idea ? the cheaper one ?
where can i buy this kind of stuff ?

thanks in advance !

[0] http://www.futuretech.blinkenlights.nl/idescsi.html

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