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Re: Qube2 question: Largest drive size supported ?

On May 22, 8:00 am, Peter <pet...@gmx.net> wrote:
> I run a fanless Qube2 with Etch and a 300GB disk as a NFS fileserver,
> mainly to stream my music with Amarok over the local network. It never
> had a problem, with an uptime of around 300 days now. The only issue is
> the slow network, even with a PCI networkcard, but for music streaming
> its fast enough. Otherwise a lovely, quiet and stable little machine.
> A 750GB disk should probably work just as well. Let us now how it goes.

What is the temperature in the machine like without the fan ?
Actually are there any temp sensors in the Qube2 ?

I've been looking at the media server capability as well, was thinking
that FUPPES might be a good fit .. do you think the Qube2 has enough
network grunt to stream video (mpeg-4 encoded at 2Mbit max) as well as
audio ?

Another quickie question .. what sort of link aggregation is supported
for Debian mipsel ?  Would I get a bit of extra performance if I
enable that on the qube2 and and the switch ?


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