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Re: MIPS port maintenance (debian-installer, kernel)

* Florian Lohoff <flo@rfc822.org> [2008-03-10 10:22]:
> I am compiling the full snapshot kernel source in a loop. Its a slow
> machine (IP22 I2) but its better to have a result in 7 days than never ;)

I have a cross compiler and I regularly build kernel snapshots.  I
will from now on make them available on the web and announce them on
this list.

> I am not really testing d-i images although i now have read about
> the snapshots so i might start this at least for IP22 ;)

That'd be great.

> > r5k-ip32 (SGI O2): I gave Thomas Bogendoerfer an O2 a few months
> > ago, so upstream kernel maintenance is taken care of.  Giuseppe
> > Sacco has done some d-i tests but I think we need additional
> > people because Giuseppe doesn't have enough time.  Anyone
> > interested?
> I could do testing here aswell ...


> I am building mips snapshots i just need to make them available
> somewhere - Is someone doing the same for mipsel?

I will make both mips and mipsel snapshots available from now on.

In the long run, it would be good to figure out how to hook into the
kernel infrastructure at
Martin Michlmayr

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