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Re: MIPS port maintenance (debian-installer, kernel)

On Sun, Mar 09, 2008 at 05:06:02PM +0100, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> We need more people actively testing debian-installer and the kernel
> on various MIPS (mips and mipsel) platforms.  I've tested d-i and the
> kernel on various MIPS platforms over the last years, even platforms I
> wasn't terribly interested in myself.  I no longer have the time or
> interest to maintain platforms I'm not interested in, so I'm asking
> other people to step up.
> Let's look at what is supported at the moment and who could do some
> testing:
> r4k-ip22 (SGI Indy): this platform broke with every new kernel version
> in the past but Thomas Bogendoerfer is now maintaining the kernel
> upstream and he is very responsive.  Still, we need people to test the
> Debian kernel (and report issues upstream) and to test d-i on a
> regular basis.  Florian Lohoff has done some kernel tests recently, so
> I hope he can continue with that and also do d-i tests on a regular
> basis.

I am compiling the full snapshot kernel source in a loop. Its a slow
machine (IP22 I2) but its better to have a result in 7 days than never ;)

I am not really testing d-i images although i now have read about
the snapshots so i might start this at least for IP22 ;)

> r5k-ip32 (SGI O2): I gave Thomas Bogendoerfer an O2 a few months ago,
> so upstream kernel maintenance is taken care of.  Giuseppe Sacco has
> done some d-i tests but I think we need additional people because
> Giuseppe doesn't have enough time.  Anyone interested?

I could do testing here aswell ...

> sb1-bcm91250a (SWARM): not many people have such a development board.
> I hope Karsten Merker can do some regular tests and maybe Thiemo can
> do some too.  Hopefully Thiemo will fix kernel support upstream.
> sb1a-bcm91480b (BigSur): same here; in fact, I'm wondering whether we
> should remove kernel and d-i support; at least d-i support doesn't
> work because we don't use ramdisks on MIPS.  Comments?

Those 2 are quite rare machines. The autobuilder is an bcm91250 but 
i shurely cant test on that one on a regular basis so providing a kernel
is okay as it makes updates once you have the machine running
comfortable (the buildds) but d-i should be dropped as
buildd machines will be hosted by experienced people who know how to make
a debootstrap and boot via network.

> r5k-cobalt (Cobalt): I'm happy to continue testing Cobalt, but I only
> have access to a RaQ2 at the moment.  It would be great if other
> people could test RaQ1 (Karsten?) and Qube 2700 (who?).

> First, we need to make sure that new kernels work on all these
> platforms.  Since most MIPS platforms are not used much, they often
> break when a new upstream kernel is released.  I will make kernel
> snapshots available for testing and post a mail to this list asking
> people to upgrade to these snapshots and report issues.

I am building mips snapshots i just need to make them available
somewhere - Is someone doing the same for mipsel? I could setup an
instance on the mipsel buildd rem as typically it does not saturate the
second CPU but i guess building the repository is currently much more
important so i havent touched it yet ...

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