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Re: freegeek and mips

* vagrant@freegeek.org <vagrant@freegeek.org> [2008-02-24 16:51]:
> we get a few SGI machines in occasionally, as well as other random
> stuff. i currently have an SGI O2 (r10k) which seems to have issues with
> debian-installer. also have a SGI Octane2. we also get a bunch of SGI
> Indigo systems of various models. and i have a cobalt qube2 (without
> power supply).

SGI O2 (r10k) isn't supported and neither is the Octane or Octane2.

Basically, Debian works pretty well on:
 - SGI O2 with r5k
 - SGI Indy or Indigo2 (not Indigo!)
 - Cobalt RaQ2 and Qube2

> also, i'd like to try and get some of this hardware to developers who
> could use it.  if anyone's ever visiting near freegeek and would like
> some hardware, i'd be glad to try and arrange it.

Thanks for your offer.  Maybe someone on this list will see it and
contact you.
Martin Michlmayr

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