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Re: List of out-of-date packages on a given architecture.

On 05/02/2008, Kumar Appaiah wrote:
> lam FTBFSing on mipsel due to a gcc bug:
> http://experimental.ftbfs.de/fetch.php?&pkg=lam&ver=7.1.2-1.1&arch=mipsel&stamp=1202167930&file=log&as=raw

Enjoy 4.3 series… An IMHO interesting test would be trying to get it
built with 4.2.

> lapack FTBFSing on mips due to a mysterious reason:
> http://experimental.ftbfs.de/fetch.php?&pkg=lapack&ver=3.1.1-0.2&arch=mips&stamp=1202168381&file=log&as=raw

Maybe killed from outside, not necessarily a compiler error like the
first one.

> If I get enough money later in life, I'm definitely buying one of
> these machines, _just_ for testing out stuff and doing a
> dput/dupload of packages built on them.

Porter machines could help, anyway. Depending on the architectures,
there are some of them available (at least for DDs). Some nice people
even offer access to their architectures to mere contributors (hppa,
kfreebsd-*, for example).

> Would look awesome to stand apart with a mips(el) or s390 upload,
> when others are doing only source+{i386,amd64}. :-)

You're forgetting powerpc uploads anyway. :p


Cyril Brulebois

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