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Re: vaughan.debian.org

Il giorno lun, 19/11/2007 alle 13.40 -0500, Noah Meyerhans ha scritto:
> Those of you who saw my recent blog post [1] are, no doubt, waiting with
> baited breath for the return of our mipsel porting machine.
> Unfortunately, problems persist even after addressing the cooling
> problems that I initially believed were affecting the machine's
> stability.

The first problem you describe here has been reported upstream[0] and I
think it is not related to hardware defect. I have a test box where this
problem arise after a few days of work. I still have to find the
problem, but it seems it is related mm/memory.c:access_process_vm()

I am investigating this problem since weeks, but I still have to find a

The problem is easily shown using this command (it should segfaults)
$ cat /proc/self/cmdline



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