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Re: Confused about mips integer types


Thiemo Seufer wrote:
FWIW, I did a test build on mips, which worked fine. I ran the build
under "linux32", which changes the kernel personality (an thus uname
from mips64 to mips).

Thank you. So your suggestion is to help config.guess.

Additionally you may need to pass dpkg-architecture's DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE
as target to configure.

Aha. Your suggestion is to help config.guess.

Julien Blanche wrote that configure was wrong setting __mips64__ because the userland is 32 bit. Well, configure just I can help config.guess in any of the two ways you suggest, and I'll do so if upgrading doesn't help, but it stands in contradiction to what Julien said.

Out of curiosity, I looked a little bit into config.guess and, indeed, it doesn't appear to care about userland, only about what uname says. Did I miss anything? Returning anything else but userland strikes me as wrong and useless for a tool that is used as host detection device for configuring programs that care only about, well, userland.

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