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Re: Confused about mips integer types

Julien BLACHE wrote:
"Richard B. Kreckel" <kreckel@ginac.de> wrote:
The buildd is probably running a 64bit kernel, so the build system
attempts to build a 64bit binary; MIPS/MIPSel use a 32bit userland in
Debian (with a 64bit kernel on most if not all MIPS platforms).
Is configure correct defining __mips64__, then?

No, because the userland is 32bit.

Okay, good.

                                   But the check in configure might be
a bit too simple-minded to know that... So you'll have to help it

(disclaimer: haven't looked at the actual configure script)

It is just relying on config.guess. But I see now that the version of config.guess and config.sub in the package are from 2003. I'll update them and try again. Thanks a lot so far!

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