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Re: Debian Etch on Sun Qube - Boot Failure

according to the debian website and the site of martin michelmayr is there a etch for the sun qube!

but that is not the problem.
thanks anyway

2007/6/27, Gerald Waugh < gwaugh@frontstreetnetworks.com>:
We don't have an image for etch, but we do have one for sarge.
Might be possible to update after install....???
requires a PC running Linux, to build the Qube-Debain drive...
Gerald Waugh
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now i'm the proud owner of a Sun Qube2. At the weekend i tried to install Debian Etch via DHCP/NFS Boot.
My DHCP-Server is a IPCop Maschine. I enterd all the needed Variables in the DHCP Section.
The NFS Server is on an another Maschine. There i copied the needed Files for the Boot-Process.
The Problem is now, when i try to boot up the Cube there just stand "NETBOOT" in the LCD-Display. In the logs from the DHCP Maschine i can see this Error Message: "...bootp disallowed..."
Any Suggestions?
Sorry for my crappy English

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