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Re: Debian on SGI O2

On Jun 17, 3:40 am, Chad Feller <cfel...@unr.nevada.edu> wrote:
> 64MB of RAM is a little cramped for a 2.6 kernel so I would say that RAM
> is your culprit.  It'll work (as you can see), but it depends on what
> you want to do with yourO2.  FWIW, I've got a 200MHzO2(running Etch)
> with 512MB of RAM sitting next to me right now.  It is running a ton of
> services and not even touching swap (currently it is only using about
> 384MB of RAM).
> -Chad
> sun.vi...@gmail.com wrote:
> > I have installeddebianetch on mySGIO2R5K IP32 (180MHz) with only
> > 64MB of RAM.
> > It boots slowly but surely.  Could this be because of RAM?
> > ALSA does not seem to load an A3Audiodriver.  Is theresupportfor
> > this already?
> > Please help as this is my first MIPS installation.
> > Thanks
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Hmmmmm...Need more RAM then..

How about Audio...Do you have audio?

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