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indigo2 installation woes

Dear List,

trying to install Debian on my Indigo2, using the .iso from

I have no possibility to boot via network right now.

The cdrom drive is an external scsi one, which is terminated and usually works well.

The Indigo2 doesn't boot the cd directly, nor via the "install system software" entry in the sgi startup menu.

I entered PROM then, manually searching through all the partitions:
ls scsi(1)cdrom(3)rdisk(0)partition(0-13)

until i found something called "r4k-ip22" which i tried to boot.

boot -f scsi(1)cdrom(3)rdisk(0)partition(0-13)/r4k-ip22

which gave me a kernel panic as shown here:

I don't know if debian CDs are bootable on Indigo2's or if i made another mistake (booting the wrong file)?

Any advice is very welcome, please CC me as i am not on the list (yet).

regards, Peter

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