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Re: Netboot Debian on Indy

Sounds like you need an intermediate boot loader. Honestly, I've had issues getting my custom kernels to load directly, even from the volume header of the disk unless I used an intermediate boot loader, then they are fine. (That was IP32 arch.)

Arcload supposedly supports pulling the kernel by TFTP and comes in 32 and 64 bit flavors for the appropriate target arches.


Not sure if it will help in your specific situation or not, but worth a look.


On Thu, 31 May 2007, Joerg Mechnich wrote:

Hi all,

after I successfully installed Debian to my Indy's HD I decided that the
disk was too noisy and I wanted to try to netboot the machine from my
NSLU. After fiddling around with tftp I finally got it right, but it did
not want to boot the ELF kernel. I checked with the file command, which
format the Etch netinstall image was in and found out that it was in
ECOFF format. I read in the Internets that you could produce an .ecoff
kernel during compilation but that there was also a tool called
elf2ecoff, which converts an existing kernel image.
So I downloaded the source, compiled the executable, tried it, got an
error and after having looked into the code, I noticed that it seems to
handle only 32-bit elf files.
I tried to fix it somehow but just got a bit further.

So does anybody know about a way to do this or does it even work at all
that way ?

Thanks in advance!

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