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Netboot Debian on Indy

Hi all,

after I successfully installed Debian to my Indy's HD I decided that the
disk was too noisy and I wanted to try to netboot the machine from my
NSLU. After fiddling around with tftp I finally got it right, but it did
not want to boot the ELF kernel. I checked with the file command, which
format the Etch netinstall image was in and found out that it was in
ECOFF format. I read in the Internets that you could produce an .ecoff
kernel during compilation but that there was also a tool called
elf2ecoff, which converts an existing kernel image.
So I downloaded the source, compiled the executable, tried it, got an
error and after having looked into the code, I noticed that it seems to
handle only 32-bit elf files.
I tried to fix it somehow but just got a bit further.

So does anybody know about a way to do this or does it even work at all
that way ?

Thanks in advance!

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