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Re: Debian ETCH cobalt qube2

* Maverick West <maverickwest@nexgo.de> [2007-05-15 20:53]:
> installed debian etch some time ago, when it was in testing stage, on my
> qube2. now I wanna know whether I have to change something in the
> source.list?

Probably not.  sources.list should already say "etch", but if it
doesn't say "etch" or "stable" then simply edit it and then run
"apt-get update".

> the next question is more difficult. I want to use the qube as multi
> wireless lan router. So I need the madwifi driver. Until today I had
> one time successfully compile the drive with hacking in some files
> directly on the qube. Nevertheless the compiled version works fine
> in managed mode but not in ad.hoc mode which I actually need. So I
> need to compile the newer version from madwifi, but I can't compile
> it on the machine again. Can somebody help me?

I cannot help you with this, sorry.
Martin Michlmayr

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