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Re: Debian on Asus WL500g Premium

I've been doing some research on OpenVPN performance with embedded CPUs. Good performance statistics seem to be really hard to find. Do you know which algorithm was used and whether packet signing (hashing) was enabled, and if so wich algoithm?

Very curious.  Thanks.


On Wed, 9 May 2007, Jochen Schulz wrote:

Stefan Monnier:

The wl-500g Premium has a 4704 CPU running at 266MHz.

In comparison, depending on the model the wrt54g can have a 4710 at 125MHz
or a 4712 at 200MHz or a 5352 at 200MHz or even a 5354 at 240MHz.

I think I have a model with a 4712 CPU. And a web search confirmed my
numbers on OpenVPN throughput.

So depending on the precise wrt54g model you had, you can expect up to a 2x
speed up.  I personally own a wrtsl54gs (with a 4704 at 266MHz, like the
Premium) and can get SSH to go upto almost 600kB/s, so I'd guess your wrt54g
is a 125MHz one.

Hm, then I guess it depends on the encryption algorithm (and probably
key size) in use. Unfortunately, I shut myself out of the device by
aborting an upgrade of busybox, so I cannot test right now. :-/

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