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Re: Debian on Asus WL500g Premium

Just curious if that 200-300 figure includes MD5 or SHAx packet signing or not. That easily doubles the work as compared with SSH.

On Wed, 9 May 2007, Stefan Monnier wrote:

- Does anybody have numbers on the performance of OpenVPN on this
  device?  With my WRT54G I could achieve 200-300kB/s throughput which
  is unfortunately a lot less than what my ISP provides. That's why I
  currently have OpenVPN running on another computer. I'd be happy to
  have one reason less to have another PC running 24/7 (and to simplfy
  my network topology as well).

The wl-500g Premium has a 4704 CPU running at 266MHz.

In comparison, depending on the model the wrt54g can have a 4710 at 125MHz
or a 4712 at 200MHz or a 5352 at 200MHz or even a 5354 at 240MHz.
So depending on the precise wrt54g model you had, you can expect up to a 2x
speed up.  I personally own a wrtsl54gs (with a 4704 at 266MHz, like the
Premium) and can get SSH to go upto almost 600kB/s, so I'd guess your wrt54g
is a 125MHz one.


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