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Re: Ethernet kernel modules for SGI O2

So I take it you did have a RAM problem and secured proper replacements?
Either way, glad to hear you are back up and running.

In regards to your question, yes. It's worth a shot to fire up the compiler and build the modules you are interested in. You might be surprised at the number of things that "just work". A few ethernet cards are known to work in the PCI. Personally, I'm running a combo Firewire & USB 2.0 card in mine. I haven't yet played with the Firewire much, but the USB side seems to work fine.

My best recommendation is to start with the debian kernel config file under /boot for your .config instead of starting from scratch. Just start turning on a few things at a time.

Whether it works or not, please let us know how your experiment turns out. The active mips developers have done a good job flushing out the framework for a lot of machines, but it just isn't as well tested as we all would like. This is your chance to contribute something. :)

Good Luck,

On Thu, 12 Apr 2007, Giuseppe Sacco wrote:

now that I fixed the SGI machine, I am back to my original problem: I
was adding a second network card, an "Intel Corporation 82557/8/9
[Ethernet Pro 100]", on the PCI slot. The card is displayed by "lspci",
but the kernel module is missing. It seems that a lot ok kernel modules
for network adapter are missing for this port.

Is there any specific reason to not enable such drivers? May I just
rebuild the kernel, adding these modules?


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