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Tip: cheap Power-Supply for Cobalt Qube2


because my power-supply broke I searched for a new one....

On eBay they did cost around 15-25EUR (with a different connector), but before I ordered I found
at www.pollin.de the power supply (also with different connector):

OrderNo: 350630  	
Name: "Schaltnetzteil HIPRO HP-02040D43"
Price:   	4,95EUR

This is a power-supply which is normally for a Compaq Evo T30 Thin Client and it
supplies the 12V at 3.3A as my original power-supply did.

The data could be compared at

In the meantime my Qube2 is powered of a power-supply taken from an external SCSI-Case.

I cracked up the glued original power-supply (hard work) and cut off the cable at its very beginning.

Now I could try to install Etch on my Qube2 :-))

I hope you did have a nice eastern :-))


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