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mips(el) related release critical bugs


there are a few mips(el) related release critical bugs in the archive. I
think it's not too late to fix these:

#415738: [john] FTBFS on mipsel

The execution of test code fails on the buildd. It was not possible to
reproduce this error on another host. Maybe it works with a modified
compiler flag, but a new package upload just for testing on the buildd
is probably not the right way!??

#413288: FTBFS on mipsel/experimental (Was: Re: Log for failed build of
postfix_2.4.0~rc2-1 (dist=experimental))

Unreproducible link error (../../lib/libdns.a: undefined reference to

#408076: swi-prolog: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD, mips, mipsel (due to
outdated config.sub/config.guess)

This bug has a patch and is confirmed. It just needs to be a NMU.


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