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Re: Install on an Octane

Hi Mike,

On Tue, Feb 13, 2007 at 08:47:56AM -0500, Mike Martin wrote:
> I'm (still) trying to install Debian on an SGI Octane. Unfortunately,

I have it already running :-)

> I can't Netboot. I can however boot using Gentoo's Live X-RC6 disk.

I do not have a CD-ROM and used netbooting to set it up. Why can't you
> I've tried following the instructions for using debootstrap manually,
> however I can't properly unpack the archive. The problem is that the
> system is running from a Live CD and thus most of the tree (/usr,
> /bin, /sbin, /opt, /lib, /boot) is symlinked to a read-only
> filesystem. Is there any way to unpack the archive somewhere else
> (/tmp?) and still have it function?

Mmh. First of all I remember that I had to crosscompile pkgdetails.c
(#398977). Probably you don't need this if you can use Perl from the
live system.

The next step I performed was to unpack the debootstrap Debian package
into my home directory in the ramdisk.
I did it via ar and tar but you can probably also use some dpkg* tools
in Gentoo. To install Debian you have to pass the directory into which
you want to install the system as argument. It should not write to
somewhere else.

I needed also to set a debootstrap specific environment variable
(DEBOOTSTRAP_DIR or similar, see the installed script files for

Please give a few more details about failures. debootstrap is a very
very fragile tool ...


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