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Re: cobalt qube2 and kernel 2.6

* Clemens Kurtenbach <ck@stargate.ask.fh-furtwangen.de> [2007-01-06 15:55]:
> hmm, now i tryed to upgrade my fresh sarge installation on disk
> to etch - whithout thinking there will be any success -
> but oooops, the new 2.6.18-3-r5k-cobalt kernel is booting.
> [ "CoLo" v1.19 ]
> stage2: 83fa0000-84000000

Did you load the boot loader from disk in that example?  Because the
upgrade should definitely have installed CoLo 1.22-1.

(I just wanted to suggest that you boot CoLo from disk and then load
debian-installer via NFS.)
Martin Michlmayr

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