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Re: cobalt qube2 and kernel 2.6

* Clemens Kurtenbach <ck@stargate.ask.fh-furtwangen.de> [2007-01-06 15:55]:
> hmm, now i tryed to upgrade my fresh sarge installation on disk
> to etch - whithout thinking there will be any success -
> but oooops, the new 2.6.18-3-r5k-cobalt kernel is booting.

OK, that's good news.

> Maybe it helps to debug the install kernel.
> If i shall test some things just tell me.

Can you please try to load the daily installer image from
This is based on 2.6.18-3-r5k-cobalt which is working for you.
If this version of the installer boots, we know it was a kernel
problem rather than a problem related to kernel and initrd (the
installer use kernel plus initrd but the main system doen't load an

You don't need to do a full installation - just check whether you can
boot this installer.
Martin Michlmayr

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